Our Vision

The Tennessee College Republican Committee is the voice of young conservatives in Tennessee. Our vision is a thriving network of conservative students across the state to fight back against the Left's entrenched bias on college campuses.

Our Mission

The Tennessee College Republican Committee is the umbrella organization of independent chapters located on campuses across the state. We seek to educate, empower, and mobilize students across the state to fight for conservatism.

TNCR is governed by a Board of Directors elected at our annual State Convention. We empower local chapters by:

  • Expanding our network of College Republican chapters, and
  • Empowering our chapters with the resources necessary to grow and mobilize, and
  • Mobilizing chapters for effective conservative activism.

our plan

  • We currently have 19 chartered chapters and is on track to charter 10 more. By expanding our chapters across the state, we are creating a network of young conservatives that will serve as a strong asset in the 2018 election season.
  • Many college students are tricked into believing the Left's liberal agenda, due to the repeated exposure on their campuses. If there is no one to expose students to our conservative principles, then an entire generation will be lost. We seek to equip college students to share their conservative values.
  • After equipping College Republicans, we work to mobilize students to become active both on campus and in their communities. College Republicans are active on various local and state campaigns across Tennessee.