A Legacy of Activism

Re-established in 2004, the Tennessee College Republican Committee has been in existence on and off for the last few decades. Here are some key highlights:

The Debt Generation

In 2011, we produced and released "The Debt Generation". Chronicling the experience of disenchanted young Obama voters, the video instantly went viral--garnering more than 850,000 hits on YouTube.


After a year of rebuilding, we set a record for the largest State Convention to date. Held in the State House Chamber, students from the state heard from former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. College Republicans from across the state fought back against the liberal bias on campus, including a religious liberty fight that garnered national attention. We also hosted a successful first-ever fundraiser that established a reserve fund for TNCR.


In two years, the number of chapters increased from 13 to 24, membership tripled to over 1,500, and a record-setting fundraising total left TNCR in solid footing for the future. A bench of leaders was developed through our Young Leaders program, relations with key coalition partners were built, and our presence in the media was established. Our State Convention was once again held in the House Chamber.


We continued growing the different services and programs provided to our chapters, including launching a job bank and connecting students with internship opportunities. College Republicans gathered for our State Convention at the Rutherford County Courthouse.



We partnered with College Republican chapters across the state to register students to vote ahead of the important 2016 elections. Our State Convention was held in the Rutherford County Courthouse.



We continued to build our chapters, linking them with key political leaders across the state. Members of various College Republicans chapters across the state were involved in different campaigns. We held our annual State Convention in the State Senate Chamber.



For the first time since 2013, our State Convention returned to the House Chamber, where over 70 students gathered to hear from leading gubernatorial candidates.